If you received an invitation to follow someone on SalesFling.com . . .

Click below to open a free shopping account. Then type in the web address of the business that you received an invitation from, and click "Follow". Every time they create a sale, post a deal, announce a happy hour, or mark items for clearance you'll have a chance to take advantage of it.

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Online and In-Store Businesses

Now you can create a sale for any product at a moments notice, from any mobile device, and drive customers to a specific web page or to your physical location.

Having regular Sales on your most popular products is a great way to stimulate customer loyalty as long as the Sale is relevant to your customer's demands.

On SalesFling.com, you can create a Sale for as many products as you want, and as often as you like, while monitoring your customer's demands. Just share your SalesFling.com web address with your customers, and ask them to "Follow" you. Our platform does the rest. Enhance your customer loyalty and rewards program today.

On SalesFling.com, shoppers can earn rewards for following the businesses that give them invitations, or they can earn rewards for sharing sales that they find on their own.

Are you good at finding sales, clearance items and deals?

Now you can share any "Sales Event" that you find, anywhere in the world in about 60 seconds, and earn "Fling Bucks" to spend on your favorite things.

Step 1
Create a Free Account as a Business or a Shopper.
Step 2
Click "Create a Sale".
Step 3
Fill out the form and upload the photo or digital coupon that you want to share.


  • Business Accounts

  • $0.00/Free

  • YesYour Own Profile & Web Address
  • YesCreate Unlimited Sales with Photos
  • YesTrack Customer Interest
  • WOW!Take Online Orders for In-Store Purchases
  • YesInfluence How Customers Make Purchases
  • YesTrack Your Sales History
  • YesPublish Contests and Games
  • YesEarn Rewards that Reimburse Sales.
  • YesCustomers Get Mapped Directions
  • YesCustomers Get Automatic Sales Notifications
  • YesFollow Your Favorite Customers
  • YesGet Add-Ons to Customize Your Package
  • Free!Never Pay To Post A Sale
  • Create your first sale!

  • Shopping Accounts

  • $0.00/Free

  • YesShare Unlimited Sales
  • YesTrack Your Sales History
  • YesEarn Rewards for Sharing Sales
  • YesEarn Rewards for Getting Followers
  • YesEnjoy Contests and Games
  • YesTrack the Items that You Buy Often
  • YesTrade and Swap New Items
  • YesFollow your Favorite Businesses
  • YesInvite your Favorite Local Businesses
  • Begin earning rewards.

Sales Fling is Great for Businesses with Multiple Locations.

With one Business Account for each location, you can now have location specific sales and extremely well targeted marketing that is specifically designed to create repeat customers. This allows the customers of each location to know that these Sales are live and in real time at the locations that they frequent. You can now create Sales on the spot at each location for the inventory that they need to move. Plus, you can put business locations and individual products on an Interactive Map, telling your customers exactly where to go to get great sales.


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